At Kahale, our mission is to affect positive change through social integrity and respect for our environment. This core principle influences every step of our journey, from sourcing raw ingredients to investing in local communities.

  • Our candle wax is made from an organic blend of soy and rapeseed wax.
  • We do not test on animals and our fragrances are vegan friendly, paraben and phtalate-free.
  • We do not wrap our candle packaging in plastic and use paper-based labels instead of vinyl.
  • All Kahale gift boxes are reusable and recyclable.
  • We use FSC-Certified tissue paper instead of plastic trays to protect the candles during shipping. The paper is printed using soy-based ink, which makes it easily recyclable.
  • All our products are made in the UK. This way we reduce our carbon footprint and support British small businesses.

While minimising the environmental impact of our product a key element of our strategy, there’s always two sides to achieving an interdependent balance. That’s why we also invest in the youngest members of our society. Our partnership with The Childhood trust allows us to be part of great projects that truly make a difference in children’s lives.

Everything we do is based in our goal to achieve a sustainable balance. All our products are crafted with a purpose, and we promise to continue working with suppliers to further reduce the impact our candles have on the environment.

Kahale Eco Packaging