Scented Candles for Men: It’s About Time

You’ve gradually and painstakingly turned your home into your version of a perfect space. You spent months selecting and curating just the right statement pieces for your walls. The carefully arranged contemporary furniture promotes openness and creativity. The strategically positioned lighting sets the proper mood from one area to another. You’ve tried to make your dwelling appeal to all of the senses… But you missed one, and it’s maybe the most important. The sense of smell.

Having a home that smells pleasant isn’t just about scented cleaning products or covering the stink of dirty laundry or unfortunate cooking accidents. It’s yet another contributor to the atmosphere of your home. Women have always known this, maybe by instinct. Finally, men are cluing in as well. If you haven’t yet gotten on board, now is the time. Here’s some of the very compelling reasons why men should consider scented candles for their spaces.

Set the mood for your guests

Maybe you’re having a very special female (or male, for that matter) guest over for the first time. Or perhaps you have a dinner event and you want to make a great first impression. Either way, the scent in a room makes an immediate impact and impression as soon as you walk in. It sets the mood. Raspberry can evoke sophistication and elegance, while Vetiver promotes relaxation, for example. Imagine how you want your guest(s) to feel, and choose a scent that encourages that feeling.

Set the mood for yourself

It’s not just about your guests, it’s about practicing a little self-love too. Use a scented candle to create the right environment for yourself. If it’s time to unwind after a long day at work, there’s a candle for that. Need help focusing, and feeling motivated? There’s a candle for that too.

Defines your values

The things that you choose to put in your home make a statement about you. What do you want them to say? A candle that is hand-crafted with vegan wax by English artisans says a lot. It says you appreciate the details, and you value the finer things. It also affirms your belief that all life has value, with no exceptions. The proper candle in your home not only makes this statement to your guests, but can act as both a center piece and conversation piece as well.

Reclaim the indoors

Gender roles are changing, and with them, the definition of masculinity and femininity. Historically, the indoors was the domain of women, while the outdoors was for men. But while women have fought for their rightful position as equals in the workforce, men have begun to reclaim the indoors as appropriate territory. Scented candles are simply an extension of that movement... And is that really so surprising?

A confident, modern man cares about how he smells. That’s why he wears cologne, in fact, likely wears a different cologne for every occasion. So why would that same man not treat his space the same way? Scented candles for men: it’s about time!

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