6 Ways to get over Autumn Blues

How to get over autumn blues and welcome balance into your home

As the season changes, cooler weather arrives, and holiday celebrations approach, it is easy to let our lives become unbalanced. Temperatures and busyness can interfere with our normal routines and consequently our mental and physical health. Instead of getting blown around with the chilling winds, welcome balance into your life through a few minor additions.


If you have too much on your plate, creating balance will be that much more difficult. Start by setting limits for yourself. Minimize your to-do list. Say no to events or activities that do not add value to your life.

Make Swaps

Instead of partaking in those stressful or time robbing activities, swap them out for some more rewarding.  For example, instead of watching another Christmas movie, invite a close friend or family member over to spend some quality time. 


The holidays are a popular time for sharing on social media. While it is great to stay connected with friends in love ones via photos, it is better to catch up with them in person or make holiday memories of your own. In the evenings or weekends try to disconnect from using your phone or computer. Give yourself a break from technology, and allow yourself the chance to enjoy activities that inspire you.   

Healthy Habits

When our life gets out of balance, our health is usually the first to be affected. This is natural, and we are used to hearing about the ways to improve our health, especially around the holidays. We get tired of hearing it, but our health truly is important. One way to prevent your health from being swept under the rug this year is simply by adding a healthy habit to your day. Maybe it is taking the stairs, fitting in a walk at lunch time, or getting an extra hour of sleep. By making an effort to include a healthy habit into your day, you will find more balance and an overall better quality of life.

Add Enrichment

When our life is out of balance, we settle for less. We eat foods that do not nourish us, we mindlessly watch tv, or we allow negative self-talk. Be aware of the effect of this negativity in your life and choose to instead put in the effort to eliminate the toxins that you settle for when stressed.


Busyness can be a difficult time to stop and de-stress, but it is crucial for a balanced mindset. One easy way to destress without stopping completely is by creating a relaxing home atmosphere. Lighting a candle such as the Black Pepper and Raspberry artisan soy candle will naturally bring a sense of balance into your home. Then go about your business in your home, or sit and enjoy a good book and let the stress melt away.

Don’t let winter bring weary days. Embrace balance by inviting it into your life and home.

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